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Why Does Local SEO Matter?

Why Does Local SEO Matter?

A question that commonly appears online is “why does local SEO matter”. Depending on your business model, you may or may not find local SEO practical. However, let us tell you why you should be considering it within your marketing plan.

At this current time, almost half of all Google queries are related to local searches. Apart from that remarkable statistic, it’s also known that local phrases such as “near me”, “can I buy”, “to buy”, and various others increased by 500% between 2015 and 2017. Since then, local keywords have grown further with no signs of slowing down.

If you have an eCommerce website that only sells online, I’d understand why you’d skip local SEO. But even then, a local SEO strategy would no doubt increase your organic website traffic.

More relevant traffic through local SEO

And if you operate in a specific area, you should be paying extreme attention to this. It’s because local SEO can provide you with more geographically related searches based on location, relevance, and prominence.

For instance, if someone types in “woodworkers near me”, having a location-optimized webpage will give you the chance to show up in the SERPS if the searcher is in your area. Now you understand how it works and why it matters, I suggest you become knowledgeable on local SEO’s core benefits.

What are the benefits of local SEO?

The increasing demand for local searches comes with an array of different benefits. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Cost-effectiveness

Whether you’re a small or well-established local business, cost-effectiveness plays a crucial role in the company’s overall success. However, local SEO is currently a lot less competitive and inexpensive than other SEO techniques.

Around the world, in villages, towns, and some cities, there aren’t many businesses optimizing their content for local search. Therefore, it allows local business to get their fair share of viewers. Although there are free ways to start increasing your local SEO through Google My Business or social media, you’ll want to turn your attention to our plugin.

The best way to optimize content for local searches is by creating web pages solely dedicated to a singular place. With our tool SEO Generator, you’re able to create one template for an unlimited amount of location-optimized web pages. This way, you’re able to target a multitude of cities, towns, villages, and states in just a matter of clicks.

2. Laser targets local customers

As you can imagine, it laser targets local customers. But why is this important? According to this research, 72% of consumers who search for local businesses visit the store if it’s within five miles. This is a significant amount of potentially more clients for your local business.

3. Reaches customers ready to purchase

Additional to the above, you reach customers who have a high conversion rate. With mobile devices being used more and more each day, most of the searches made on search engines are performed on mobile. This makes the following much more exciting, as 80% of local searches on mobile convert into sales. Therefore, making the time spent on optimizing your web pages for local SEO extremely rewarding.

4. Better searcher intent

Lastly, you get the correct type of searchers. When people look for a local business to sell them goods or services, they want it to be local. This narrows down a huge number of searchers, which aren’t looking for localized businesses.

For example, two people searching for “woodworkers near me” may not receive the same outcome. If one lives 500 miles away from your business and the other 5 miles, you’ll probably only appear on the customer’s search who’s 5 miles away. Therefore, it makes each website visitor more valuable than they once were before.