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4 Easy steps to better SEO

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4 Easy steps to better SEO

Write one smart SEO page

Only one text about your products or services will do. Replace your keywords and locations with our shortcodes and you're good to go.

4 Easy steps to better SEO

Pick your keywords

Just type in all relevant keywords. If you're a hairdresser, 'hairstylist' or 'barber' could be on that list too. Let's get creative!

4 Easy steps to better SEO

Pick your locations

In what towns, cities or counties would you like your website to be found? Just get out your map and start typing.

4 Easy steps to better SEO

Start ranking

That's it. Just hit the publish button. And we'll generate an SEO page for every combination of keywords and locations. That can be literally thousands.

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Super simple shortcodes

This is our clever key ingredient: shortcodes. When you’re writing that one smart SEO text, you’ll be using these shortcodes. Don’t worry, it’s really easy. Instead of one of your keywords you’ll write [search_term]. And instead of a location you’ll write [location]. That’s it.

The SEO Generator will replace those shortcodes automatically with the keywords and locations you’ve entered.

Super simple shortcodes

Keywords & locations

Let’s say you run a hairsalon in Amsterdam. You could then write an SEO page with the title Looking for the best [search_term] in [location]?

Next you enter the keywords hairsalon, hairdresser and hair stylist. And the locations Amsterdam, Museum Quarter (neighbourhood) and Amstelveen (bordering town).

The SEO Generator would now create 9 SEO pages for you (3 times 3).

Keywords & locations

Creating unique landing pages


A unique URL is created for every SEO page, containing the relevant keywords and locations.


You can use shortcodes in the header (h1) and subheaders (h2, h3), making these unique too.


Using the Yoast SEO plugin, the shortcodes can be used in the page title and meta descriptions as well.

Image alt tags

You can even use the shortcodes in the alt tags of the images that you use in an SEO page.