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Pre-sales questions

  • How can I buy the plugin?

    We sell our plugin exclusively on Codecanyon. Just click on a Buy Now button and we’ll send you straight to our page on the Codecanyon website. Or, if you’re ready, you can click here.

    On Codecanyon select the License and support period that fit your needs. And click Add to Cart of Buy Now. Proceed to Checkout and choose the your payment method to complete the purchase.

  • What licence do I need?

    For most business or website owners the Regular Licence covers everything they need. Only if you wish to use our plugin in an end product that is sold you’ll need an Extended Licence.

    You can read more about it on Codecanyon.

  • Can I extend the support period later?

    Sure! The standard support period is 6 months. This can be extended to 12 months right away at the time of buying. Or at any time after the initial purchase, during the support period. And even after the support period has expired.

    But keep in mind that you’ll get a higher discount if you choose for extended support right away.

  • Do prices on Codecanyon include VAT?

    Because our services are primarily focused on businesses all prices on our website are exclusive of VAT. The actual tax that you might need to pay can depend on your location, the type of product, and relevant tax laws in your country.

SEO questions

  • Isn't this duplicate content?

    Actually, no! Although, we can imagine you might expect that. But, in our tests with clients we’ve found that only a small percentage (less than 1%) of the created pages are classified as duplicate content.

    Moreover, duplicate content is not as big a deal as you might think. Keep in mind that duplicate content is just a ranking factor. It doesn’t cause your website to be penalized. It’s just that unique content is better.

    So hey, if you feel like writing thousands of unique pages (and you actually have the time to do so). Go for it! If not, just write one great page and generate thousands with just one click, with our SEO Generator.

  • What about internal linking?

    We know how important internal linking is for SEO. So of course we’ve got that covered too!

    The plugin will create an XML sitemap to help the crawler index your website. It will add a breadcrumb trail to every SEO page and create links to the previous and next page, too. In addition it will automatically create archive pages for every group of SEO pages, thus helping search engines to better understand your websites linking hierarchy.

Technical questions

  • Won't this make my WordPress slow?

    Don’t worry, when we say we’re creating thousands of SEO pages, we’re not actually poluting your WordPress with that many pages. You’d get lost in your own CMS in no time!

    If you don’t want us to get all technical on you, just remember this: we’ll only create one page for every group of keywords and locations. That’s it.

    Now, for the SEO nerds: we’re not actually generating thousands of pages in the backend of your website. We’re just creating URLs and adding them to the database and sitemap. When a specific URL is actually visited, the shortcodes will be replaced by the right keywords and locations in the frontend. Isn’t that clever?

  • How can I download the plugin on Codecanyon?

    Make sure you’re logged in to your Codecanyon account. Go to the Download section and find the SEO Generator plugin. Click on the Download button and you’ll be able to download the ZIP file to your computer.

  • How can I install the plugin in my website?

    Once you’ve downloaded the ZIP file on your computer, go to the Plugin section of your WordPress website. Click on ‘Add New’ and upload the ZIP file. Then click on ‘Install Now’ and active the plugin.

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