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Although our SEO Generator was officially launched as a stand-alone SEO plugin for WordPress in the spring 2021, we actually developed and installed the first version two years earlier. And we’ve been testing, improving and finetuning ever since.

You see, we started our website subscription service for the Dutch market in 2016. Working closely together with hundreds of small business owners, we’ve learned that many of them were looking for a quick and easy way to create SEO landing pages for their websites.

Preferably, lots and lots of them.

Unique, SEO proof pages

The second thing we’ve learned, is that most small business owners simply don’t have the time to write dozens of unique, SEO proof pages (nor the budget to hire a copywriter).

So that’s how we came up with the SEO Generator.

We found a way to create just one landing page and then multiply it by simply replacing the keywords and locations automatically. Thus creating dozens or even thousands of SEO pages with just one click.