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Using Divi with SEO Generator

SEO Generator is partially compatible with Divi. You can use most of the page builder block. In some blocks, like buttons, the placeholders – [search_term] and [location] – will not work.

Step 1

Enable the SEO Generator post type in Divi > Settings > Post Type Integration.

Step 2

Create your new SEO Generator page. Fill out these fields to get started. This is the same for regular SEO Generator pages as for SEO Generator pages you design with Divi.

Step 3

Design your page with Divi and use the placeholders [search_term] and [location] wherever you like.

You can use most of the page builder block.

Please note, in some blocks, like Buttons, Pricing Tables and Accordion, the placeholders – [search_term] and [location] – will not work! Please feel free to experiment which Divi blocks are compatible with SEO Generator.


All placeholders will be replaced with the actual search terms and locations for those pages.

Other elements

You can also use elements like Call to Action. The [search_term] and [location] placeholders will replaced automatically.