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Local SEO vs SEO: Which Is Better and Why?

Local SEO vs SEO: Which Is Better and Why?

The marketing technique of SEO is constantly changing due to new updates and algorithm changes. Something relatively new to the SEO space is local SEO. Although it’s pretty new, it’s become a powerful and rewarding marketing technique over the last five years.

However, the question is this: which is better, local SEO or SEO? It’s an answer not many people can display clearly, and we’re here today to explain which SEO practice is beneficial depending on your business. Ready to find out?

What’s the difference between local SEO and SEO?

Before we showcase which is the best for your business, we figured it’s better to explain which each of them is. This way, you can grasp the concept behind why people choose one over the other within their marketing plans. Here’s what you need to know:

The best way to describe local SEO is that it has a geographical component within each search term — for example, industry + location (Best “Pizza” “Near Me”). Although there isn’t a physical location, the search engine can identify where they are from their setting preferences or recent searches. From doing this, pizza restaurants don’t show up that are irrelevant to the customer search. Unlike local SEO, ‘regular’ SEO doesn’t have a geographical component in the search term. Instead of looking for information tied to a specific area, there looking for global pages. An excellent example of this is “Best Pizza Recipes”. To gain information on the best pizza recipe doesn’t mean website owners need to live in the US, UK, or AUS because the answer could be anywhere in the world.

From understanding the above, you can quickly gain a better visualization of the differences. To conclude this, look at local SEO as the more laser targeted option for people that sell goods or services in a specific area. Whereas for standard SEO, you own a business that can supply everywhere in the world — for example, a blog or eCommerce store, etc.

Which is better local SEO or SEO?

That brings us to this all-important question, which is better? Both are superb if you can implement them correctly. However, each is more beneficial to different types of businesses. Let me explain why.

Local SEO

A business that supplies local areas products or services will benefit more from local SEO. This is because it has a local intent, and the customer wants to travel somewhere close to retrieve what they’re searching for. For example, if someone searches “Best Pizza Near Me”, they want to find the best-tasting pizza close to their location. Because of this, a sophisticated algorithm will identify the search’s location, browse their directory of pizza places in that location, and rank them accordingly.

Therefore, if you own a pizza shop, you’ll want to invest in local SEO because your primary customer is local to your shop. Considering 72% of consumers who search for local businesses end up visiting, you can start to understand the power of this marketing technique.


Whereas when it comes to SEO, you’re broadening your audience immensely. Instead of there being a geographical location mentioned, people usually are looking for a global answer. For example, “best pizza recipes” don’t need a location as people can share this information wherever they are.

People who can benefit from this the most include eCommerce, blogging sites, forums, etc. Think about it like this, SEO is better for any business model that answers non-geographical questions. Therefore, if you own a business that isn’t situated in a specific location, then traditional SEO is more beneficial.