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Best 5 Tips for Writing an SEO Landing Page

Best 5 Tips for Writing an SEO Landing Page

Landing pages are an underrated component of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When people click links to see what you’re offering, they expect reinforcement of the initial value they saw.

No one wants to waste their time on a landing page that isn’t helpful.

If you want to improve conversions or increase other metrics, these writing tips can help you create a fantastic SEO landing page in minutes.

Writing Tips for an SEO Landing Page?

1. Start with the essential structures

You need more than a few keywords to optimize an SEO landing page. The content requires structuring for both human readers and search engine bots to maximize your success.

You can address the essentials by incorporating a title tag, meta descriptions, and organizing your headings with the correct hierarchy (h1, h2, h3, and so on).

2. Review the URL of the landing page

Every detail counts when you start improving your SEO. It only takes a few seconds to write a new URL that reflects your ideal keywords, yet this tip gets frequently ignored.

It also helps to keep your URL to less than 65 total characters. If you have separate concepts to discuss, try using slashes to keep things organized.

3. Make the content easy to read

There’s a tool called the Hemingway Editor that lets you examine your writing’s complexity. It automatically highlights the following potential errors for your landing page.

  • Having too many adverbs included in your sentences.
  • Inappropriate levels of passive voices.
  • Phrases that might have a simpler alternative.
  • Structures that are “hard” or “very hard” to read.

You’ll get a readability rating with the work. The goal should be to have it be Grade 9 or less for most SEO landing pages.

4. Keep the content scannable

Visitors come to landing pages to find specific data points. Your writing goal is to make that information quick and easy to find.

After you establish the hierarchy in the essential structures, try to think about how your paragraphs and sentences get structured.

  • Do you use multiple conjunctions in the same sentence?
  • Are your paragraphs more than 3-4 sentences in length?
  • Have you included bulleted points, indented thoughts, and other interest points?

People look for paragraph breaks to find interesting content. If the only thing offered is a run-on sentence, most visitors will choose to leave.

5. Avoid the jargon, lingo, and technical terms.

A landing page aims to describe high-level concepts to people who have zero knowledge of the value you offer. It helps to break your content into simple constructs that deliver valuable information in simplistic ways. Since most people won’t know the jargon or lingo, it’s best to avoid those words and phrases. If you must include technical terms, try to explain them to foster a greater understanding.

Finally, when you write an SEO landing page, think about what others want to get from that information. If you compose it to meet those needs using these tips, you’ll find many more opportunities to create successful outcomes.