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3 SEO Misconceptions That Even Professionals Believe

3 SEO Misconceptions That Even Professionals Believe

As experts within the industry, we see 100s, if not 1000s, of different SEO misconceptions. Although nobody really knows how SEO works with search engine algorithms. Over time people have developed, tried and tested methods that work.

Considering the first five organic search results receive 67.60% of all clicks, it’s essential to wipe these misconceptions from your knowledge and start enhancing your rankings. Here are the three primary SEO misconceptions we hear daily.

1.“SEO is expensive”

The most prominent of all SEO misconceptions we see scouring the internet is “SEO is expensive”. In some cases, this may be true. But it depends on your business, ambitions, competition and knowledge.

For example, if you own a small business and want to increase your local reach through SEO practices, then you’re able to implement them yourself. To do this, there are only a few things you need: the right SEO tools and the will to learn.

At SEO Generator, we’ve developed a WordPress plugin specially designed for that request. Using this, you can massively reduce your SEO spend by creating multiple optimized pages while actually only writing one. By doing this, you’re able to dramatically increase your local reach in a cheap and non-timeconsuming way.

2.“All backlinks are great”

Many SEO gurus scream that you need to acquire as many backlinks as possible. Although backlinks are vital and should be a part of your SEO strategy, not all backlinks are good. When search engines crawl your website, they’re looking for high domain authority (DA) backlinks. This is because it shows search engines your credibility. If well-established websites link to your content, it’s a great indication that your content is good.

So, instead of buying links or messaging low DA websites, consider trying to get a highly creditable website to backlink your content. After all, having one good backlink is always better than ten bad ones.

3.“Keyword research isn’t important”

Another common SEO misconception is that keyword research isn’t necessary. Many experts and beginners believe that thinking of relevant primary and secondary keywords is enough, but it certainly isn’t.

Keyword research will help you with one thing, and that’s visibility. Without proper research, you won’t fully understand what keywords you could rank for, which keywords are related to your content, and what methods your competitors are doing to rank higher than you.

Not developing keyword research and expecting results is like throwing a needle in a haystack. Although you may see some results, you’ll experience much more success if you approach keyword research.

Final words

As you can see, various SEO misconceptions are promoted across the internet. However, this is only a slight majority of them, so be careful with the information you take in.

SEO can be the most rewarding marketing strategy, but only if you implement it correctly. The main tip we can provide you to ensure maximum success with your SEO venture is to create meaningful, compelling, and optimized content based on keywords suitable for your domain authority.